Complicated Issues, innovative solutions

End of lease dilapidations can be frustrating for both Tenants and Landlords. We have seen it from both sides of the coin. What can often make the situation worse is that theres previously been a good relationship between both parties that breaks down at the end.

While few things will ever be more frustrating than receiving a Solicitors letter containing a Dilapidations schedule and a large demand, this is precisely the moment where you need our services.

Conversely, as a Landlord you want to be able to relet your property as quickly as possible and it is fair to say that some Tenants many have left your property in a less than desirable condition.

We work with you to ensure a Commercial outcome for all parties.

We use a fresh, modern approach which disrupts the accepted “norm” of dilapidations negotiation to help reach a resolution that will far exceed what is expected using a traditional approach.

If you want to a company that completely turns the Dilapidation’s process on it’s head then contact us Today.