Whether you are coming to the end of your lease or thinking of taking a new one, you should ensure that you are familiar with any issues that the building currently has. This is not just important for leases but also when buying new property. The last thing you want is to leave yourself with a large repair bill shortly after siging on the dotted line.

Triac Consulting can help ensure your eyes are fully open to any issues. Never has this been more important as property changes hands at an increasing rate and you need to ensure that you arn’t ging to be tying your money up in costly repairs.

It’s also good practice from a future proofing point of view to have a line in the sand drawn so that you do not end up being hit with a large schedule of dilapidation’s. One that could have been avoided if just a simple Condition Schedule was undertaken.

Thankfully a Condition Schedule is quick, extremely cost effective and is one of the best ways to protect your investment in either a new property or lease. If you need a Condition Survey carrying out please get in touch via our Contact page.